ASTC / VLAB Works to Exhibit at Freescale Technology Forum, Japan

Dec 3, 2014

VLAB Works will demonstrate virtual prototyping solutions for embedded software and systems development, at FTF Japan 2014

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA—December 3, 2004. VLAB Works™ will demonstrate how virtual prototyping can accelerate embedded software and systems development at the Freescale™ Technology Forum, Japan.


WHAT:  VLAB Works will demonstrate virtual platform solutions for embedded software, systems and hardware developers. Explore how virtual prototyping, powered by VLAB, can accelerate your current programs with specific demos of the latest VLAB features being applied to the development of automotive applications. Also learn about ASTC consulting services, methodologies and expertise for complex SoC, FPGA, PCB and system designs.

WHEN:  December 4, 2014.

WHERE:  Tokyo, Japan

About ASTC / VLAB Works

ASTC and VLAB Works serve global markets and supply chains for automotive, transportation, mobile, and multimedia electronics and embedded software. ASTC (Australian Semiconductor Technology Company) is a privately held semiconductor design, software and services company. VLAB Works is a business subsidiary of ASTC, delivering innovative electronic system simulation and virtual prototyping solutions for embedded system and software developers. VLAB Works and ASTC are headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, with over 100 staff, and offices in Australia, Europe, Japan, and North America. For more information, see and