Verification services include:

  • Performance analysis
  • Hardware validation and verification
  • Support for Verilog, VHDL, SystemC , popular commercial simulators, socket-based verification platforms, PLI / FLI interfaces
  • Digital coverage driven verification including OVM/UVM, coverage measurement (code coverage and functional coverage)
  • Architectural, behavioral and cycle accurate modeling
  • Hardware / software co-simulation
  • Rigorous design and verification configuration management, database management, version control
  • FPGA rapid prototyping
  • Complete metrics and tracking dashboard for coverage, bug open/close rates, progress/prediction
  • Automation of test bench infrastructure generation for more rapid coverage
  • Reuse of test cases between unit, subsystem and chip level test benches

ASTC has great experience in design verification: skills to accelerate design verification for your projects, with confidence.

Our success with automotive, mobile, communications, computing, graphics and other markets enables our engineers to rapidly verify leading-edge designs.