USB-C/PD product development and integration services

Application development and integration services to OEM/ODM product companies and customers of USB-C/PD products

If you have a 3rd party MCU USB-C/PD silicon platform, with reference firmware from the provided SDK, ASTC can offer support for your custom USB-C/PD FW implementation and validation solution delivering a complete enablement environment and licenses for customer own modifications, development, verification, integration and support, including:

  • FW development, debug, and test environments and test cases, sources for:
    • Alt mode support
    • Application level software development support
    • Configuration
    • Port to different application boards, e.g. external hardware support for GPIO, I2C , etc.

ASTC provides product lifetime support, including maintenance and project support services.

Typical USB-PD Architecture

Depending on your system requirements, ASTC can offer the following FW support solution options:

USB-C/PD Validation and Standards Compliance

  • Co-simulation with port partner in ASTC’s VLAB
  • Compliance checking with Ellisys protocol analyzer

USB-C/PD Firmware Development

  • Integration of customer application firmware with USB-C/PD control
  • Custom firmware development to customer requirements
  • Firmware verification/validation

USB-PD Software Stack

  • ASTC’s USB-PD software stack ported to support of any chipset combination
    • E.g. software stack running on a 3rd party MCU plus TCPC chip
  • Leverage our experience with existing USB chipsets (e.g. NXP, Cypress, Analogix)

USB Applications Solutions

  • ASTC has extensive experience in building/integrating application-specific software for markets spanning automotive, IoT, industrial, etc.

USB Test & Qualification Environments

  • Compliance and test suites
  • Supported directly and in simulation

ASTC can also provide our comprehensive USB-C/PD silicon HW and FW stack IP, including design, verification environments, and test cases for our customer USB-C/PD application development and integration services.